/ Alpha

SGH/Alpha is our initial, evergreen, opportunistic fund, currently invested around 75% in Silicon Valley, 20% in Europe and 5% in India, across many verticals and industries. Alpha engages in the early stages of groundbreaking companies.

/ One

SGH/One is our initial, close-ended, opportunitic fund, which has been investing alongside SGH/Alpha with a common investment strategy. SGH/One no longer deploys capital in new startups but continues to support its diversified portfolio.

/ Fluid

Launched in 2019, SGH/Fluid is dedicated to fintech and blockchain centric projects. With this fund, we back the teams and companies building the networked infrastructure for crypto currencies, digital assets and decentralized finance, across the globe.

/ Growth

SGH/Growth, managed with Amity Ventures, targets selected Series B-C opportunities in Silicon Valley. Thanks to our network, we get access to some of the most competitive and innovative companies, which enables us to build a portfolio of category leaders.

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